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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we so different to online booking sites?
*Our members get discounted prices to over 800,000 Hotels and getaways worldwide.
*You can choose when and where you want to stay globally and choose the discounts that suit you best.
*Low price entry to suit all budgets.

How can you offer hotel rates that are lower than normal?
Having established strong relationships with hotels and global wholesalers worldwide, they offer discounted industry trade rates with us.
We offer these rates exclusively to our members through a secure platform that is Not accessible to the general public via popular travel websites.
These exclusive rates, known as "Closed-User-Group", are only available to our members.

What kind of discounts will I find on the booking site?
Our members enjoy savings of 25% on average, with much higher discounts available depending on time of booking and location.

Do you have choices to suit my budget?
Simply go to "Join Here" and choose what options suit you best!

Our sole aim is to help travellers, both business and leisure, access premium getaway deals packed with comfort, excitement and value for money.

As an online travel platform built exclusively for members only, we want to help you get away more easily, more often. We do this by providing a one-stop shop, with everything you need in one convenient spot.

If you find a better deal on any major online or retail travel site, let our support team know and we’ll go source an even better price for you, so that you are getting the maximum value out of your membership.


If you need help getting your holiday sorted, we can make it happen. Our team is ready to help.

No matter what’s going on in your busy life, we make it super-easy to disconnect from the daily grind and enjoy your getaway in style.


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